BCSD students win 48 Southeast regional recognitions

2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Posted on 02/12/2021
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Tuesday, February 1, 2021

Beaufort County high school students earn
recognition in regional arts, writing contest

BEAUFORT – Beaufort County School District students have won 48 Southeast regional recognitions in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. 

There were 34 winners at Hilton Head Island High, eight at May River High and six at Bluffton High.

The prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards describes itself as the nation’s longest-running recognition program for creative teens and the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers.  Students in grades 7 through 12 typically submit more than 350,000 works of art and writing in 30 categories.  Winning students earn opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships.

The district’s ten top award-winners – Gold Key recipients – advance to judging at the national level.  Silver Key works are judged to demonstrate exceptional ability, and Honorable Mention works are judged to show great skill and potential.

“It’s great to see our students shine through artistic expression,” said Superintendent Frank Rodriguez.  “These 48 awards are a testament not only to our tremendously talented students, but also to their amazingly dedicated art teachers who lead our district’s superb art programs.”

Judges evaluate student artwork based on originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.  Former winners of Scholastic Awards include Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Sylvia Plath and filmmaker Ken Burns.

Gold Key winners were Bluffton High’s Kelsey Buck for “Old Things” (Senior Art Portfolio); Bluffton High’s Nathalia Roca for “Words Build Words” (Drawing and Illustration), “Self-imprisonment” (Drawing and Illustration), and “You Are What You Say” (Painting); Hilton Head High’s Summer Carder for “Murky Skies” (Photography); Hilton Head High’s Ellie Clark for “Wild Dream” (Photography); Hilton Head High’s Katharine Crosby for “War Paint” (Photography); Hilton Head High’s Brittany Ramirez for “Untitled” (Mixed Media); and May River High’s Jirattikarn Yakhasem for “Checkerboard” (Drawing and Illustration) and “Hoop” (Painting).

Silver Key winners from Hilton Head High were Regina Aguilar for “The Memory Project” (Drawing and Illustration); Camden Bernstein for “When Life Gives You Lemons” (Photography) and “Hidden Beauties” (Photography); Olivia Blondeau for “The Spiral of Nature” (Photography); Laney Duncan for “Sprout” (Photography); Emilie Fister for “Mind Blown” (Mixed Media); Cassidy Iverson for “Skater Vision” (Photography); Ryan Kurz for “Hilton Head Island Photos” (Photography); Amanda Magnin for “Death of the Ocean” (Sculpture); Kyle Pirnat for “Chiaroscuro Portrait” (Drawing and Illustration); Sasha Udvornocky for “The Memory Project” (Drawing and Illustration); and Mae Williams for “The Met” (Drawing and Illustration). A Silver Key winner from May River High was Sophia Wendel for “Vintage Camera” (Drawing and Illustration).

Hilton Head High Honorable Mentions were Skyler Anderson for “Beauty Standards” (Mixed Media) and “motion sickness” (Photography); Grace Boyden for “Patterns 7” (Photography); Summer Carder for “On the Half-Shell” (Photography); Morgan Clarke for “Abandon Ship” (Photography); Alex Coley for “Sven” (Painting); Katharine Crosby for “Earth Eye” (Photography) and “Bioluminescence” (Photography); Emilie Fister for “The Giant Leopard Plant” (Photography); Madison Fly for “Chadwick Boseman Drawing” (Drawing and Illustration); Kelly Garcia for “The Memory Project” (Drawing and Illustration); Said Gonzalez for “Looking Towards the Future” (Digital Art) and “Luminescent” (Digital Art); Ava Harvat for “Boardwalk Landscape Photograph” (Photography); Andrew Schlesener for “Home” (Digital Art); Sasha Udvornocky for “Luke” (Drawing and Illustration) and “Fingerprint” (Painting); and Mae Williams for “The Memory Project” (Drawing and Illustration).

May River High Honorable Mentions were Alison Bierman for “Flowers and Books” (Painting) and “Lunch” (Painting); Hailey Smith for “Family Portrait” (Drawing and Illustration); and Sophia Wendel for “Vintage Jars” (Painting) and “Fruit” (Painting). An Honorable Mention winner from Bluffton High was Nathalia Roca for “Irreversible” (Drawing and Illustration) and “Mince Your Words” (Drawing and Illustration).

Alison Bierman, "Lunch"

Mixed Media
Brittany Ramirez, "Mixed Media"

Ellie Clark, "Wild Dream"

Mind Blow
Emilie Fister, "MindBlow"

Jirattikarn Yakhasem, "Hoop"

Kyle Pirnat Chiaroscuro, "Portrait"

Madison Fly Chadwick Boseman, "Drawing"

The Memory Project
Regina Aguilar, "The Memory Project"

Into the Future
Said Gonzalez, "Into the Future"

Sophia Wendel, "Camera"