The South Carolina Code of Laws, section 59-18-325, specifies that all public high schools and, where necessary, career centers, must administer The ACT® test to all eleventh grade students.

Eleventh grade students are defined as students in the third year of high school after their initial enrollment in the ninth grade. This determination is made based on the 9GR field in PowerSchool.

SC-NCSC may be used as the alternate to The ACT for students who are alternate-assessment eligible.

The ACT test scores provide information about progress toward college readiness and are widely used by colleges in making decisions about admission. The ACT testing program includes multiple-choice tests in English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science, as well as a Writing test, which is an essay.

The ACT test will be administered during the regular school day and at no cost to parents. No registration is required by parents or students. Students who take The ACT according to ACT, Inc. requirements will be able to share their ACT scores with up to four colleges or universities for free. Parents should contact their School Counselor if they have questions.

ACT SCORES for Beaufort County School District.