World Languages

World Languages

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Welcome to our World Languages Website!

Beaufort County has a very comprehensive World Language program. Courses in Latin, French, and Spanish are available at most of the high schools. Currently Beaufort Elementary, Hilton Head Island Elementary, Broad River Elementary, Pritchardville Elementary, St. Helena Elementary, Whale Branch Elementary and Red Cedar Elementary offer Spanish at the elementary level. All middle schools offer Spanish and Hilton Head Island Middle offers French and Roberts Smalls Middle School and Hilton Head Island Middle School offer Chinese. Students have the opportunity to participate in a Level 1 language offering in 8th grade for Carnegie credit. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate world language offerings are available at some of the high schools. 

District wide textbooks have been adopted to use with world language instruction and a special video and face to face program developed by the State Department of Education and ETV, the Kite-LL (Kids Interacting Through Early Language Learning) program, has been implemented in grades three through five in some schools. Curriculum at each level is aligned to state standards and is sequenced across the levels to ensure that there is continuity in instruction of essential language skills. Multiple on-line programs are available to supplement the language program for elementary, middle and high school students. This program is available for students to use wherever there is Internet access. 

The World Language program goals include:

  • Developing an appreciation for the culture(s) associated with the language of study
  • Developing the skills to read, write, speak, and listen in the language of study
  • Connect with other content disciplines to enhance instruction
  • Prepare students to be active participants in the global community. 

Learn more about how Rosetta Stone is helping Beaufort County School District students become successful second language learners.

We welcome your thoughts and opinions. Please contact, Maelda Chalk,
 World Language and ESOL Coordinator.