College Entrance Assessments

Who:  Grades 11 and 12
What:  ACT or SAT
When:  Grade 12- ACT September 22, October 6, or October 20, SAT September 23, October 14, or October 27
             Grade 11- ACT March 23, SAT March 24.

School districts are required to 
offer eleventh grade students the option of taking the SAT® or the ACT®. The choice of which assessment to take is determined at the student level. Grade twelve students who did not participate in school-day testing during their eleventh grade year are eligible to test during their twelfth grade year.

The SAT is a timed multiple-choice examination consisting of the following tests: Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics and the SAT Essay. 

The ACT is also a timed multiple-choice examination that includes the following tests: English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing.

Information for Parents