Dr. Frank Rodriguez earned a total composite score of 3.21

Superintendent Evaluation
Posted on 11/05/2019

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Beaufort County Board of Education
releases evaluation of superintendent

BEAUFORT – The Beaufort County Board of Education today released its evaluation of Superintendent Frank Rodriguez’s first 90 days as the school district’s leader.

Board Chair Christina Gwozdz read the Board’s evaluation statement: “Dr. Frank Rodriguez began employment as the Superintendent of Beaufort County School District on July 1, 2019. The Beaufort County Board of Education employs and evaluates the performance of the Superintendent. As such, the Board of Education just completed its first evaluation of Dr. Rodriguez on his 90-Day Entry Plan and is now sharing the results with the community.

“The 90-Day Entry Plan Evaluation Instrument was developed by the Board’s Ad Hoc Results Committee and was approved by the Superintendent and the Board as a whole. The Evaluation Instrument included 28 questions in the following five components of Professional Practice and each component was assigned a weighted value: 

  • Governance and Board Relations (20 percent)
  • Community Relations (15 percent)
  • Staff Relations (15 percent)
  • Business and Finance (20 percent)
  • Instructional Leadership (30 percent)

“Scoring choices for each question were 1 = ineffective, 2 = minimally effective, 3 = effective, and 4 = highly effective.

“Board members completed individual evaluations which were collated into a composite score and shared with the Superintendent and the Board. The average scores for each component were:

  • Governance and Board Relations – 3.24
  • Community Relations – 3.59
  • Staff Relations – 2.96
  • Business and Finance – 3.09
  • Instructional Leadership – 3.22

“Taking into account the weighted value of each component, Dr. Frank Rodriguez earned a total composite score of 3.21 (effective to highly effective overall).

“Student achievement metrics were not included in this 90-Day Entry Plan Evaluation because Dr. Rodriguez has only led the district for a few months. However, student achievement metrics will be included in his annual performance evaluation.

“The Board of Education hopes the community will join it in thanking Dr. Frank Rodriguez for his hard work and for especially excelling in community outreach as he starts his tenure as Superintendent of our schools.”