Out of District Enrollment (Tuition Based)

Out of District Enrollment (Tuition Based)

Families seeking to pay tuition for students not residing in Beaufort County.

SC 59-63-45

  1. Notwithstanding the provision of this chapter, a nonresident child otherwise meeting the enrollment requirements of this chapter may attend a school in a school district which he is otherwise qualified to attend if the person responsible for educating the child pays an amount equal to the prior year’s local revenue per child raised by the millage levied for school district operations and debt service reduced by school taxes on real property owned by the child paid to the school district in which he is enrolled. The district may waive all or a portion of the payment required by this section (All payments must be made within 10 schools days of initial enrollment).

  2. Students attending a school pursuant to this section must be counted in enrollment for purposes of determining state aid to the district.

  3. If the payment to the school district is not made within a reasonable time as determined by the district, the child must be removed from the school after notice is given.

Beaufort County School District Requires:

  1. A letter of release from the Superintendent of the sending district

  2. Copy of property owned or deeded to the student in question valued > $300

  3. Copy of previous year’s paid tax receipt for said property

  4. *The difference between the school taxes paid on said property minus the cost of pupil enrollment for BCSD will be the balance to be pay within 10 school days of enrollment

  5. The district reserves the right to assign students based on the property address

*The balance can be made in 2 installments (August/January) with signed permission from the Chief Financial Officer.

For all questions regarding this process contact Instructional Services at (843) 322-5431 or (843) 322-2420.