Scooting along

Every morning, Bluffton High custodian Joe Goodsell faced a 40-minute bicycle ride to work from his home in Pritchardville.  But then school administrators went to work soliciting staff contributions, which came rolling in.  Now Goodsell’s 40-minute commute has shrunk to 10 minutes, thanks to a refurbished Yamaha moped, extra cash for gas and a helmet complete with Bobcat stickers.  “He’s a really great guy,” says Assistant Principal Chloe Gordon.  “No matter what our staff or students need, he’s always there.  He always goes above and beyond.”  Goodsell had previously been employee of the month for custodial contractor GCA, as well as Bluffton High’s employee of the month.


Photo (from left):  Athletic Director Dave Adams, Assistant Principal Chloe Gordon, Principal Mark Dievendorf and school custodian Joe Goodsell.