High-tech Help

Last year, Hannah Reed at Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts became the first South Carolina student to take state PASS tests using a high-tech device that tracks her eye movement and allows her to select answers by focusing on the computer screen.  Due to her cerebral palsy, Hannah can see and hear but can’t speak or write.  The new technology has proved to be much more than a testing aid for Hannah, who is now a third-grader and can use her eyes to select letters or words that the device then says aloud.  “It’s made us realize that we don’t have to make many instructional changes for Hannah, who is very bright,” says math teacher Mimi Burlingame.  Hannah’s mother, Stephanie Reed, works at Hilton Head Island Middle School and says that the device is getting “smarter” as Hannah gets smarter.  The more she learns, the more complex and comprehensive its menu of options becomes.  Ms. Reed says that Hannah’s teachers at HHISCA have been outstanding, particularly teacher’s aide Kathy Paul, who works most closely with her at school.