A remarkable mentor

Jim Davies, Mentor, Hilton Head Island Middle School

Age is just a number, especially for energetic 92-year-old mentor Jim Davies, who gives a day each week working with a young man at Hilton Head Island Middle School.  Davis works with the Impact Mentoring Program that serves more than 100 students in Hilton Head schools.  Jim and his student have worked together for two years to develop a bond that he hopes will extend into high school next year.   Davies, a Marine vet who served in World War II and Korea, retired from a technology firm before moving to Hilton Head.  In addition to his volunteer service as a student mentor, he also enjoys downhill skiing and bicycling.  “He’s a truly remarkable guy,” says Buck Edwards, who coordinates the mentoring program on Hilton Head.  “We have to resist the urge to use him all the time because he’s always raising his hand.  He never says no to anything.”