Employee Dress Code

Statement of Policy
Beaufort County School District expects appropriate dress of all faculty, staff and administrators. Dressing for success allows faculty, staff, and administrators to gain the respect needed to set a positive example for students by fostering a respectful school climate.

Statement of Purpose
It is the belief of the Beaufort County School District that effective faculty, staff and administrators will dress appropriately to model success. Dressing for success and following the established dress code have the following effects for faculty, staff and administrators:
  • help you obtain the respect and credibility necessary from students and parents;

  • serve as a positive role model for students;

  • establish yourself as an authority figure by following the dress code policy;

  • instill a sense of integrity with each student.

Requirements - 
  1. Dress shirts, sport shirts with collars, polo shirts and sweaters may be worn.

  2. Dress or casual slacks may be worn. Shorts may be worn by males working in the athletic department.

  3. Shoes worn may be casual, business, boat shoes, sport shoes, or dress sandals.

  4. Shirts will be tucked in as appropriate.

Requirements - Women 

  1. Slacks, skirts of modest length, dresses , jumpers, Capri or cropped pants may be worn.

  2. Shorts may be worn by females working in the athletic department.

  3. Sweaters, polo shirts, shirts or tops with or without collars are acceptable.

  4. Shoes worn maybe casual, business, dress sandal, open toe, heels or flats.

Inappropriate dress or personal grooming includes, but is not limited to:

  • denim jeans of all colors ( except for specified spirit days as determined by administration);

  • leggings, tights (except under skirts, dresses, jumpers);

  • warm up pants or suits or overalls;

  • sweat shirts/tee-shirts (except for specified spirit days as designated by building administration);

  • clothing or accessories with slogans that are suggestive of drugs, alcohol, sex, or obscenities;

  • provocative clothing (thin straps, tube tops, low necklines, strapless, too tight, too short, midriff revealing, etc.);

  • display of controversial tattoos and body piercings that are disruptive to the teaching/learning process.

Faculty, staff and administrators are encourage to participate and model the Student Dress Code for their school. Exceptions may be made by administration based on individual medical needs.

Adopted by Beaufort County Board of Education on March 3, 2009.