Beaufort County School District has partnered with PenServ as the 403(b) third party administrator. PenServ will process the various payroll deductions in an electronic format and will be the sole record keeper for all new vendor enrollments, changes, etc.

Employees may contact Customer Service at 800-849-4001  or  PenServ website:

You may view your account information:

1. Log onto


3. Type in the Social Security Number and the plan's access code which is: beau5689

4. Follow the instructions prompted on the web page.

Hardship Withdrawal Information - Employees should follow the procedures listed below in reference to 403(b) Loans or Hardship Withdrawals*:

  1. The employee contacts his/her vendor to request that company’s paperwork.
  2. The employee completes the paperwork and then fax to:
            PenServ, Distribution Dept at 1-803-791-5925
  3. Or mail to:
    PenServ, Distribution Dept
    P. O. Box 7248
    Columbia, SC 29202

PenServ will contact the 403b vendor regarding your account information before the distribution is made.

*Hardship Withdrawals may be made for the following reasons and documentation will be required when sending the request form:

  • Home foreclosure or eviction (attach copy of notice)
  • Purchase of a primary residence (attach legal paperwork)
  • Medical expenses for the employee or dependents (attach bills)
  • Tuition payments for the employee or dependents (attach bills)
  • IRS bills (attach bills)

Beaufort County School District 403(b) Plan 2018 Universal Availability Notice
To: All Employees of Beaufort County School District

In compliance with the requirements of IRC §403(b)(12(A)(ii) this Notice will advise you of the voluntary 403(b) program established and maintained for the benefit of our employees. The following information provides details of the Plan and outlines the procedures for enrollment.


All employees who are employed by the Employer upon date of hire.


When you enroll in the program, the amounts you designate as salary deferrals are withheld from your wages and forwarded to an investment provider of your choice. Contributions may be changed, started or stopped at any time. Several types of contributions are available in your Plan:

Pre-Tax Salary Deferrals. These are amounts contributed into a 403(b) plan that are deferred from your paycheck before federal income taxes are applied. State income taxes may or may not be applicable.

Roth Salary Deferrals. These amounts are also deferred from your paycheck, but are subject to federal and state income taxes. When you withdraw monies, however, the funds may be excluded from taxation. Special rules apply to Roth contributions and you should contact your tax advisor before electing this option.

For 2018, you may defer from your wages, a maximum of $18,500 to all 403(b) and 401(k) plans unless you will reach 50 years of age during the year. In that case, you would be eligible to contribute an additional $6,000. Deferrals may not exceed 100% of your wages.

Employer Contributions. The Plan also allows your Employer to make contributions to the Plan on your behalf.

Rollovers. You may also rollover funds from another employer’s plan if you receive an eligible rollover distribution. Before you can complete a rollover into this Plan, you must first receive an acceptance authorization before the monies to be applied to your account.

Plan Investment Options

Your contributions to the 403(b) Plan must be made to an investment provider approved by your Employer. (Before enrolling in the Plan, you should first establish an account with one of the Providers listed in this Notice.) Once you have executed an investment contract, you should establish an account through the Plan’s web site and create a secure login and password.


You may enroll in the Plan or receive assistance with these provisions by first contacting one of the Investment Companies listed in this Notice, contacting the Plan’s Third Party Administrator, your Employer’s Benefit Administrator. Additional information about the provisions and options in your Plan are available by contacting PenServ Plan Services, Inc. at (800) 849-4001 or from the Plan’s web site.

Beaufort County School District 403(b) Plan 2018 Universal Availability Notice


Investment Provider Options Provider and Product Name

Product Type



American Funds

Mutual Funds

Owen Hand or Ronnie Tanner (843) 524-6310

Ameriprise Financial Services


John Rush, Phone: 843-837-1220,
Lynette Rush, Phone: 843-837-1220, 




Life Insurance Co. of the Southwest / National Life Group


Charles (Chuck) Middleton, Jr., Phone: (864) 903-3238,


GWN Securities

Mutual Funds

Ben Capers Jr (843) 263-9729




Gregory Vasher (912) 819-3406


Reliastar Life Insurance Co.


Pournelle Insurance Agency, LLC
Telephone: 843-909-0374 or 800-328-9425

Security Benefit


Ben Capers Jr (843) 263-9729


Variable Annuity Life Ins. Co. (VALIC)


Mandy Yelton




Third Party Administrator

If you have any questions regarding the Plan or would like to request further information about the program, please contact:  
PenServ Plan Services, Inc.
Plan Recordkeeper
Phone 800-849-4001

Employer Benefits Administrator
Beaufort County School District
Rosella Robinson and Velda Vaughn
Human Resources Department
District Telephone:  843-322-2300

Plan Web Site is available at

Select:  Login to Your Account