Policies and Procedures

These Finance Department Policies and Procedures have been compiled in a collaborative effort by the Beaufort County School District Finance Department.  The purpose of the following information is to document the policies and procedures of the Finance Department in central documents, to be shared with members of all departments and all schools having financial responsibilities within the District.  It has been designed in an effort to share information about what we do in the normal course of our work and to put in writing the procedures used that may not otherwise be in written form.

Our hope is that these documents will provide useful information that will assist us in making our staff more knowledgeable of our procedures and provide them with the tools they need to perform their jobs more efficiently.  Documenting these procedures will also provide District administrators the resources to make financial decisions that are equitable for all schools and departments.

Although we are physically disconnected from the schools, Finance has a vital role in the success of this organization and, ultimately, the success of the students of Beaufort County School District.  Our purpose is to provide sound fiscal management of the District.  Our job is to support the schools and departments by providing them with the resources they need to educate our children.  These documents are a result of efforts to document and organize our work to provide the best support to the children of Beaufort County.

Student Activities Manual - Being updated

Bookkeepers' Procedure Manual - Being updated