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When requesting a key,  a key request form must be filled out and forwarded to Horace Rowe (email, courier or fax) in conjunction with entering a work order through

Quick Step Guide for Requesters:If you are new to placing online Work Orders, please follow the steps in the Quick Step Guide for Requesters, to submit a Work Order request. All new users to the system will be automatically added to the user list once you have submitted your first request.

Click here for a Requester's Guide


Our Safety/Training Program is the most important program in our operations. Our program:

  • Includes training all maintenance and custodial employees;

  • Coordinates with BCSD Risk Manager on all safety and training program elements;

  • Includes monthly safety inspections of all schools;

  • Includes monthly safety inspections of all maintenance vehicles.

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Key Staff

Ed Miller, Director of Maintenance
843-322-0792 Office | 843-812-2290 Cell

Horace Rowe, Asst Director of Maintenance
843-322-0710 Office | 843-321-2305 Cell

Tamara Butler, Office Manager
843-322-0717 Office

Liz Brown, Administrative Assistant
843-322-0711 Office

Steve Campbell, Northern County Manager
843-322-0713 Office | 843-321-2310 Cell

Aaron Black, Southern County Manager
843-441-0506 Cell

Robert Luebke, Preventative Maintenance Manager
843-322-0703 Office | 843-812-2349 Cell

Jack Thompson, Energy Manager
843-322-0741 Office | 843-321-0328 Cell

Steve Milam, HVAC Manager
843-322-0737 Office

Office Hours: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday
After-hours Emergency Phone: 843-812-5011
Work Order Phone: 843-322-0711 | Fax: 843-322-0725